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At Seacoast United, our athletes are our top priority. We value:

Keeping players safe and avoiding injury
Treating injuries appropriately if they do occur
Improving overall health
Helping players enjoy their sport and achieve their fullest potential


Because these values are of vital importance to us as an organization and to you as the players and families of Seacoast United, we are proud to introduce a new partnership with the trusted, local healthcare experts in the Sports Health Alliance. We encourage you to visit the Sports Health Alliance website and/or contact our partners directly with your sports-related needs and questions.  As a Seacoast family your appointment can be expedited so you don’t have to wait to receive the expertise you deserve!


Not sure which services you need? If you have questions or concerns regarding the treatment of common injuries or conditions, you ar invited to call toll-free. 24 hour hotline at 855-893-9300,  or email



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Seacoast United Maine is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization


Sports Health Alliance

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