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The Coastal Summer Challenge offer's 2 options for registration: An electronic tournament check-in option is available in addition to the regular in-person check-in 1 hour prior to your first game. Click here for more information.

Permission to Travel forms are not required for any team from a Region 1 state.

Roster Size:

Each team in the U11-U17/18 (High School) age groups is allowed a maximum of 18 players.  U11 and U12 teams playing 9v9 may roster no more than 16 players.  Teams in the U9 and U10 age groups playing 7v7 may have no more than 14 players.  Three guest players will be allowed, provided they have valid player passes for the correct age group.

U9/10 Play 7v7
U11/12 Play 9v9
U13+ Play 11v11

Home Team Provides Game Ball

Ball Size:
Size 5 – U13 through U17/18 (High School)
Size 4 – U9 through U12

U9/U10 Notes:
a. Defensive player must retreat to midfield on goal kicks.

1.    No penalty kicks or direct kicks.

2.    U9-U10 teams are allowed rosters of up to 14 players.

Home Team:
Team listed first is designated the home team.  If teams have similar colored uniforms, at the determination of the referee, the home team shall change jerseys. 

Player equipment and uniforms:
All players must have matching colors for uniform shirts, shorts and socks.  The only exception is the goalkeeper, who must wear a different color jersey. All players must wear shin guards. Players without shin guards will not be allowed to enter the playing field.

Substitutions shall be unlimited. Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:

1.    Prior to a throw-in, in your favor.

2.    Prior to a goal kick, by EITHER TEAM.

3.    After a goal, by EITHER TEAM.

4.    After an injury, by EITHER TEAM, when the referee stops play.

5.    No substitutions on corner kicks.

Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time will forfeit the game to its opponent by a score of 3-0.  A team in the U17/18 (High School) age groups (11v11) that cannot field 7 players at start time, shall forfeit the match to its opponent by the score of 3-0.

Inclement Weather:
If inclement weather forces cancellation of games, division winners will be determined by points earned in an equal number of games played.
            Example:  If three teams played three games and two teams played two games before cancellation, the winner will be the team with the most points earned in the first two games played.

A game is official if it reaches half before it is cancelled.  Otherwise the game is delayed. If the fields need to be cleared an air horn will be sounded at Bowdoin.  At an offsite field the head official will make the decision to clear the field.   In an extreme emergency people may enter Farley field house.

Preliminary matches ending in a tie will remain a tie:  there will be no overtime periods in preliminary games.
Semi-final and final matches ending in a tie after regulation will proceed directly to penalty kicks according to FIFA tie-breaker rules.

Standings will be based on total points from the results of preliminary matches, as follows:
6 points for a win
3 point for a tie
0 points for a loss

Points will also be awarded for each goal scored (max of 3 per game, losing team may receive points also), and 1 point for a shutout.

Playoff Format Seedings:  
Playoff seedings will be determined differently in each bracket depending on the number of teams entered.  Playoff rounds will take place on Sunday morning/afternoon depending on schedules.
Divisions of 8 (2 brackets of 4):  Each team receives 3 round robin/group play games.  Top team from each bracket will meet in final.
Divisions of 6 (2 brackets of 3):  Each team receives 2 round robin/group play games.  Top two teams from each bracket play cross-bracket semifinals (A1vB2 and B1vA2) while the 3rd seeded teams will meet in a consolation match.  Winners of the semifinals meet in the final.
Divisions of 5 (1 bracket of 5):  Teams will each receive 2 games.  3rd game for each team is determined by seeding based on the results of the 2 preliminary games.  #4 seed plays #5 seed in the consolation match.  The #1 overall seed will advance directly to the final.  #2 v #3 seeds meet in the semifinal with the winner advancing to face the #1 seed.
Divisions of 4 (1 bracket of 4):  Teams receive 3 round robin/group play games.  Top two seeds will play each other in the final.

Playoff Rounds:  Semi-final and final matches ending in a tie after regulation will proceed directly to penalty kicks according to FIFA tie-breaker rules.

Tie-breaker Rules:
A two-way tie in total points within a group will be settled by the following tie breakers, in order:

1.     Winner of head-to-head competition.

2.     Goal Differential (maximum 4 goals/game)

3.     Goal For

4.       Goals Against

15-0 = 4-0 (+4)
8-1 = 5-1 (+4)
2-4 = 2-4 (-2)

5.     Penalty kicks

In the event of a three-way tie, the same rules will apply with the exception that head-to-competition will not be considered.

Example of point system:  a 0-0 tie will be scored as 4 points for each team (3 points for a tie, 1 point for the shutout); a 4-2 game will be scored as 9 points for the winning team (6 points for the win, plus 3 points for goals) and 2 points for the losing team (2 for the goals scored).

**In the event of a forfeited game, the winner will be credited with a 3-0 win and awarded 10 points.  
**A game abandoned by a team will result in the opposing team winning.  The final score will be based on the score at the time of forfeit.
**Teams are allowed 5 minutes from game time to forfeit time.
**No poins are awarded if neither team shows up.


No protests will be allowed.  All officiating decisions are final.

Cautions and ejections:
Players:  A red card or two yellow cards during a game earns the player a game ejection, while two ejections during the tournament disqualifies the player from the remainder of the tournament.

Coaches:  A red card or two yellow cards earns the coach a game ejection from the present game and the next game.  With any red/yellow card, the coach shall be disqualified from coaching for the remainder of the tournament.

No smoking:  No smoking will be allowed on any game field, this will include coaches, players and spectators.  Adults wishing to smoke are requested to remove themselves from the playing areas.

Alcoholic beverages:  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at the tournament.

Sportsmanship:  All players, coaches, and spectators are expected to display the best of sportsmanship behavior at any and all times.  Anyone not able to comply with this rule will be asked at the discretion of the tournament committee to remove themselves from the field.

The Coastal Summer Challenge adheres to Soccermaine’s Zero-Tolerance Policy for coach, player, and spectator behavior. 

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